Sancho´s BIO

Radio Sancho was born in summer 2017.

Three of four band members already played along in a cover-rock band, wich apparently ended after a year. After the separation, Marvin, who is playing the bass, then had the chance to join a local heavy metal band and so he did.


Meanwhile singer Danny and the drum-machine Xavy started to figure out several songs together in an old garage, full of car wrecks, where it was allowed for them to play. The acoustic in there was very bad, but they had no choice. So these two guys were looking for a rehearsal room from now on. And as if that wasn´t hard enough to find, they would have to find a bass player too.

One day, Marvin called Danny and told him to come over to the rehearsal room where his band, and many others too has jammed for years. There would be no problem to share it. First awesome news!

The second awesome news was, that Marvin liked the songs the guys already had so much, that he wanted to join this two-men jam club. Now there was something you could call a band!

And what is important to start a band, except of having musicians? Right... a name!

Actually it was easy to find a name that sound authentic to the music they're playing. Because everybody knew the story about a cat called Sancho. It was Dannys little tiger. This fella loved music a lot, especially rock music. Wherever a heavy guitar was playing, this damn cool cat wasn't far away. And so on...

...Radio Sancho was the name! 

But the idea was, to create a massive guitar sound. A sound, that you cannot play with a single guitar, so they were looking for a new band member again.

And fortunately the universe had a plan... and still has.


Simon, a flying-v maniac who is guitarist in the same heavy metal band where Marvin plays, stood longer in the building and listend to the songs. He liked it too, and wanted to play along the others. Everybody was excited, cause this tree of a man is well known for his breaking guitar sound.

After the first jam session he joined...and the chemistry was alright.

Simon gave the band a punching unique sound!


This unique sound includes Xavy´s experienced, hard rock drum-play, Marvin´s pushing bass with the funky flavour and Danny´s penetrating voice.

Radio Sancho means power, rhythm, groove, speed and true rock´n´roll. Songs about love and anger, life and death!

This band has come to stay!

Radio Sancho, here they are..